Sediment infill of the Middle Triassic half-graben below Mt. Vernar in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

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Luka Gale
Katarina Kadivec
Marko Vrabec
Bogomir Celarc†


A sediment infill of a small, late Anisian–earliest Ladinian half-graben, sealed by massive limestone of the Schlern Formation is exposed on the northeastern slopes of Mt. Vernar in the eastern Julian Alps, Slovenia. The pre-rift base of the succession is formed by a chaotic mixture of massive limestone and limestone breccia of the Anisian platform. Sedimentation in the half-graben started with a 20 m thick thinly bedded pink nodular limestone which is informally named here as the Vernar member. It consists of microbial carbonate and was probably deposited within the photic zone. The Vernar member is overlain by poorly sorted polymict breccias of the Uggowitz Breccia Formation which reaches a thickness of at least 150 m, but pinches out rapidly towards the SE graben margin, reflecting the highly asymmetric basin geometry. Individual beds of breccia represent successive debris flow deposits. The Uggowitz Breccia Formation is followed by a few metres of sandstone and sandy limestone of the Buchenstein Formation. The limestone contains abundant grains of shallow marine  origin and terrestrial plant fragments. The overlying post-rift Schlern Formation consists of crudely bedded and massive limestone, covering the graben. The consistent NE-SW strike of the graben-bounding faults and of the smallscale conjugate normal faults observed in the Uggowitz Breccia Formation suggests that the half-graben originated from NW-SE directed extension.


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