Sexual dimorphism and left-right asymmetry of carapace ornamentation in Hemicytheria setosa RUNDIĆ 2002

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Vukica Vujić
Ljupko Rundić
Tamara Karan-Žnidaršič


In biostratigraphic research of the Upper Miocene of the Pannonian Basin System, one of the frequently detected and important ostracod genera is Hemicytheria. Among more than 20 species of this genus, Hemicytheria setosa is present in sandy facies of the Lake Pannon sediments in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aims of this study were to describe sexual dimorphism and differences between left and right valve morphology in Hemicytheria setosa. Landmark based geometric morphometrics is applied on the grounds of existence of the homologue pattern of the fossae and pore conuli on the valve surface of this group of ostracods. Significant differences between the sexes and between the left and right valves are detected in the present study. The obtained results indicate that applied methods and chosen landmarks could be useful in the studies of valve ornamentation-variation in fossil and recent Ostracoda.


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Tamara Karan-Žnidaršič, Biološki fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu


Assistant proffesor


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