Recommendations for Landslide Hazard and Risk Mapping in Croatia

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Snježana Mihalić


The preparation of landslide hazard and risk maps is required as abase for rational land lise planning and decision-mak ing, in land slideprone arcas. In this paper, an inventory was made of the currentlyavailable methods for landslide hazard and fisk zonation, in order 10produce recommendations for the lise of specific methods in relationto lhe sca le of analysis. A hierarchical sct of activities aimed atobtaining landslide-related information for all levels of land use planningin the Republic of Croatia is conSlrllclcd. This sel encompasses:the establishment of a national landslide inventory on a regional scale< 1: 100,000, statistical landslide hazard analysis of geological-morphological fac tors at the medium scale (1 :25,000) and the geotcchnicalc haracteri sation of slope movements followed by landslide ri skanalysis on a dctailed scale (> 1 : 5,000)

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