Lower Aptian Rudist Faunas (Bivalvia, Hippuritoidea) from Croatia

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Jean-Pierre Masse
Mukerrem Fenerci-Masse
Tvrtko Korbar
Ivo Velić


Lower Aptian rudist faunas from Croatia consist of Requienia? zlatarskiiPAQUIER, Toucasia sp., Agriopleura sp., Glossomyophoruscostatus MASSE, SKELTON & SLIŠKOVIĆ, Himeraelites sp. andOffneria sp. This assemblage has a clear Southern Tethyan (Arabo–African) significance and typifies the Early Aptian. Faunas from theinterior of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform in Istria are dominated byRequieniidae while those from the northeastern area in the vicinity ofTounj–Ogulin, close to the platform margin, exhibit a higher diversityand include, beside requieniids, Caprinidae, Caprotinidae and Monopleuridae, in conjunction with evidence of open marine conditions.


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