Uranium Minerals in the Radlovac Series Metasediments at Mt. Papuk, Croatia

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Stjepan Šćavničar
Vladimir Bermanec
Goran Kniewald
Delko Barišić
Višnja Oreščanin


Applying a combination of different methods – X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, gamma-spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy, a suite of uranium minerals, meta-torbernite, meta-uranospinite and meta-zeunerite was identified in metasediments of the Radlovac series at the Mt. Papuk area, Croatia. The accessory minerals galenaa, zircon, rutile, chalcopyrite and cuprite, as well as an unidentified Ni-bearing phase are also present. The mineral assemblage indicates a sequence of epigenetic and supergene processes affecting the Radlovac series.


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