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Mladen Juračić
Ivo Velić


With the beginning of this year, the journal you have in your hand or read on internet, Geologia Croatica has (partly) changed Chief Editors. The former editors Prof. Igor Vlahović and Dr. Ivo Velić resigned with January 2008, because the inflow of manuscripts declined in recent years due to the fact that articles published in our journal were not considered for scientific promotion in Croatia. They wanted, and have succeeded, in remotivating the Croatian geological and larger scientific community, and since January 2008, articles published in Geologia Croatica will be eligible for scientific promotion. In this way they have helped to maintain the journal. Dr. Ivo Velić agreed to be reappointed as editor in the transitional period to stress the continuity of editorial policy and to help the new incoming editor, prof. Mladen Juračić, and the new editorial board.


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