Robustoconus tisljari n. gen., n. sp., a new larger benthic foraminifer from the Middle Jurassic (Early Bajocian) of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform of Croatia

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Felix Schlagintweit
Ivo Velić
Branko Sokač


The new larger benthic foraminifer Robustoconus tisljari n. gen., n. sp. is described from Middle Jurassic (Early Bajocian) high-energy shallow-water limestones of the Dubrovnik area in the south-eastern part of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform. Robustoconus represents a large dimorphic agglutinated foraminiferan with a coarse exoskeleton typical of representatives of the Family Hauraniidae. Differences to the allied genera Spiraloconulus ALLEMANN & SCHROEDER and Bostia BASSOULLET are discussed. The occurrence of a further new genus of larger foraminifera provides additional evidence for a high origination rate in the Middle Jurassic. The restriction of Robustoconus tisljari to the Timodonella sarda taxon-range zone highlights its biostratigraphic interest.


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