Published: 2018-06-21

Editorial: 44th Annual Congress “Groundwater Heritage and Sustainability”

Kristijan Posavec, Tamara Marković, Lidija Galović


Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in the groundwater of two islands with various geologic settings in South Korea

MoonSu Kim, Ikhyun Kim, Hyunkoo Kim, Hunje Jo, Sunhwa Park, Jongyeon Hwang, Dongsoo Kim, Seongjin Jo, Taeseung Kim, Hyenmi Cheong


Physical, chemical and biological characterization as support for water governance in a hydrogeological system of Colombia

Juliana Ossa Valencia, Teresita Betancur Vargas, Jhon Camilo Duque, Angel Jose Cardona Pérez, Laura Pineda Zapata, Pedro Pablo Villegas Yepes, Vanessa Paredes Zúñiga, Carlos Molano Cajigas


Common and different features of Chinese and Italian hydrogeological mapping guidelines

Aimin Wu, Lucio Martarelli, Rong Ma, Huang Wang, Huifeng Yang, Hua Bu